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The Moroccan experience in the management of migration related issues, highlighted in the Forum of the Ivorian Diaspora in Abidjan

Monday, 11 May 2015

The Moroccan experience in the management of issues related to immigration has been highlighted on Thursday in Abidjan, in the first forum of the Ivorian Diaspora.

During his participation in a panel discussion on "Representation of the Diaspora: Perspectives of Morocco, Mali, Senegal and Ivory Coast," Mr. Driss Ajbali, founding member of the council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) gave an overview on the various historical stages and the changes that have marked the evolution of the migration issue in Morocco.

Mr. Ajbali has emphasized in this sense, the changes that have occurred leading to a "material" modification of the nature of Moroccan migration flows to Europe, noting that temporary immigration shifted to a long-term immigration resulting in generations of Moroccans abroad.

During the 80s, significant changes have emerged in particular with the transition from the concept of short –time stay to that of residence in most European countries, which is why Moroccan migration has increased exponentially and is now reaching 4 to 5 million migrants, noting that the development of this migration was accompanied by a public policy that has highly developed in the last three years.

As part of the efforts made by Morocco to the efficient management of its migration, Mr. Ajbali has largely focused on the context that gave rise to the creation of the CCME, noting that the establishment of this Council is based, in accordance with the will of HM King Mohammed VI, on a participatory approach promoting regular consultations between the different stakeholders.

"Morocco has the merit of having a genuine migration policy, that goes back to 35 years ago and the CCME is only the recent step in this policy, indicating the particular interest that the public authorities give to this issue, ".

Mr. Ajbali has also welcomed Morocco's participation in the 1st Forum of the Ivorian Diaspora, under the theme: "Ivorian Diaspora: What challenges for Ivory Coast in the process of emergence?” The Forum of Abidjan is the result of a partnering between the CCME and the Ivorian Ministry of African Integration and Ivorians abroad, he said, recalling, in this sense, the Partnership agreement signed on 20 January in Marrakech before HM King Mohammed VI and the Ivorian President, Alassane Ouattara.

The Forum of the Ivorian Diaspora, the first meeting of this nature in Ivory Coast, aims to address the concerns of the Ivorian Diaspora for the development of a future national policy dedicated to Ivorians abroad and to promote their involvement in the economic and social development of their country of origin.

It will therefore need to establish an institutional framework for management of Ivorian expatriates, validating the main lines of the future national management of Ivorians outside policy, mobilizing the Ivorian Diaspora around the issues of development of Ivory Coast and to determine the conditions and procedures to facilitate the return of Ivorians living abroad to their homeland.

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