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Moroccan talents come together for a meeting in Madrid

Monday, 15 June 2015

The work of the first national meeting of Moroccan intellectuals and professionals of Spain started Friday, June 12, 2015 in Madrid, under the theme "Towards the consolidation of a shared space."

Many professionals came from all over Europe and Morocco to take part in this event, initiated by the Platform Association of intellectuals and professionals of Moroccan origin in Spain (PIPROME) and the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME ).

During the meeting, Mr. Ahmed Siraj, representative of the CCME, said that the "council has always integrated in all its reflections on migration issues, associative actors of immigration and the institutions of the country of residence".

"The CCME has undertaken several activities, during its seven years of existence, linked to the Moroccan talents and demonstrated their involvement in national projects of Morocco including their contribution in 2010 in the National Environment Charter and sustainable development in Rabat, the meeting with Moroccan journalists in the world in El Jadida , and with associations of solidarity development in Saidia".

Mr. Siraj has added in his statement that "the concept of return of skills is outdated, the human process is founded on freedom of movement and therefore mobility comes first” saying that “Moroccan skills have an undeniable role in the integral development and cultural and human rapprochement between people "

The book "Profiles of Moroccans in Spain", published in 2015 by the CCME in collaboration with Hespress, among others is an illustration of all the CCME’s initiatives to demonstrate and enhance the presence and contribution of Moroccans in Spain. These skills today prove that integration and success is possible. Each different journey certifies that Moroccan skills share a common goal of serving as citizens first the host society to which they belong.

Debates continued all day on Saturday, June 13th and discussed the contribution of the Moroccan expertise in the Spanish-Moroccan societies, the involvement of the younger generation in the development process and around leadership and entrepreneurship

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