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The Atlas of the Moroccans of the World showcased in Nador

Monday, 10 August 2015

There are millions of people of Moroccan origin living in the world. They are actually a little less than 4 million (3.370000) to live their lives in the four corners of the globe.

The exhibition of the Atlas of World Moroccans reveals that almost 90% of world Moroccans live in Europe, specifically in France (34%). What is more interesting is that this "community" is not "compact" but diverse by its demography, history, socio-economic and cultural dimensions.

This exhibition is held simultaneously with the one that showcases the importance attached by King Mohammed VI to the Moroccans of the world and the exhibition on the progress and achievements of the Project of the Lagoon Marchica launched in 2007 by the Sovereign.
All the exhibitions are held at the seat of the Agency Marchica situated in the Mohammed V avenue in Nador.

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