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Symposium: The social-economic impacts of migration in the Tadla-Azilal region: The case of Elksiba

Monday, 17 August 2015

The Neo-Morocco association will organize Thursday, August 20, 2015 at Elksiba (Beni Mellal), a symposium on the theme "The economic social impacts of migration in the region of Tadla -Azilal: The case of Elksiba "with the support of the Council of the Moroccan community Abroad (CCME) and in partnership with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (University Sultan Moulay Slimane of Beni Mellal).

This historic basin of ​​the Moroccan emigration to Europe located in the region of Tadla Azilal testifies to the migration of several migrants, first to France, Belgium and Holland in the years 60, 70 and 80, and to Spain and Italy from the 90s. The Final settlement of migrants in the various host countries has continuously drained new profiles of migrants (spouses and children) through family reunification.

On the menu of this meeting three issues will be subject to debate: "The memory of migration through an analysis of the profiles of migrants and their journeys in order to shed the light on the relationship between migration and development", "Citizenship and Political Participation of the Moroccans of the world "as well as" between immigration and development."

This conference will bring together institutional actors of migration, MRE civil society and academics from the region to discuss the viability of a common project.

The proceedings of the symposium will be later published in a book.

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