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An elected French-Moroccan delegation from the circle of Eugène Delacroix at the CCME

Friday, 07 October 2016

Mr. Abdellah Boussouf, Secretary General of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) received Thursday, October 6, 2016 at the Council  in Rabat, a delegation of the elected French-Moroccan  circle of Eugène Delacroix. The group is in Morocco to observe the Legislative elections of 7 October.

Participation of Moroccans World (MDM) and Islam of France, where the two main subjects of the encounter.

Mr. Boussouf established that the political participation of the Moroccans living abroad faces technical obstacles that hinder its implementation, "the access of the candidates in the media are established the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication ( HACA) during the campaign in Morocco » he said. Therefore he asked «  how can we have that control on  the candidates abroad? andding « in Morocco there is a law that forbids any political speech in mosques during the campaign, we have the right to control the mosques in the host country.  He gave an example citing a case of a dispute : » which authority will intervene?. He insisted  by explaining that it would be impossible for  the parlementarians living abroad not to be disconnected from the problems of the moroccans living abroad ».

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"In the electoral programs of the main political parties, the question of the moroccans living abroad is not meaningless and infenitesimal and meager", inviting officials to get involved to all the subjects of concern linked to the Moroccans. Including all the sectors » said Mr Boussouf.

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In this context, the General Secretary of CCME plans to present "a memorandum to the majority after the elections, to take in account the expectations and needs of  the mean questions linked to the Moroccans living abroad. That means educate ans promote  new leaders of the moroccans living abroad which represents embody  more than 10% of the Moroccan population. "

Mr. Boussouf again said that the CCME will always work with the executive, to produce "efficient scientific content on the question of immigration supporting any government action for Moroccans living abroad". He called decision  makers to take advantage of the expertise accumulated by the Council ».

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The delegation for its part, asked for better consular services even though consulates they felt some progress. Mr. Boussouf recalled for this purpose "the intervention of His Majesty King Mohammed VI denouncing the defect in consulates in a speech to the nation and all measures undertaken to better the consular system." In this sense, Mr. Boussouf welcomed  the first digital Consulate of Morocco in Dubai, "an experience, which could eventually be established – by Morocco- in other countries ."

Regarding Islam in France, Mr. Boussouf sid that the Kingdom of Morocco offers an important support "the main mosques in France, essentially those in Paris, Strasbourg, Evry, were built 100% by Morocco, "adding that the Kingdom spends some € 6 million for Islam of France.

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In addition to financial support, Mr. Boussouf spoke about "the importance of the training of religious leaders and the commitment of Morocco to allied countries, like training French and Malian imams at the Institute Mohammed VI of training of imams. "

The Secretary General of the CCME presented "The Mosque of Paris"a publication of the CCME, to the delegation and revealed a series of activities for young Moroccans living abroad, including a training that sharpens the knowing of the Sahara issue, which will be provided in the host country.


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