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The CCME submits the proceedings of the symposium "Moroccans of the world and advanced regionalization"

Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Council of the Moroccan Community Living Abroad (CCME) and the Moroccan second Chamber  submitted, Wednesday, January 25, 2017,  in Rabat, the proceedings of the "Moroccans of the World and Advanced Regionalization" which were organized for the first time last year on 28 July 2016.

Mr Hakim Benchemass, President of the House of Councilors, congratulated the CCME for being the first institution to give a report after the first Parliamentary Forum of Regions . He added « we are now  aware of the relevance of integrating Moroccans of the world (MDM) in this national project ". Mr Benchemass also said that that the Chamber of advisers and the CCME will continue to work together for the second edition of the second symposium on the same subject scheduled for July 2017 ".

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Mr. Abdellah Boussouf, Secretary General of the CCME, said for his part, that "the partnership with the Second Chamber is a strategic choice because it represents more than an institution : its also an arena of thinking ». He said that the Moroccans living abroad have acquired a unique expertise in the regions where they live. The Moroccans living abroad represent the 12 regions of Morocco ».

The CCME secretary general also said that "within the House of Councilors and in any forum, the goal of Council is to fight for the rights of Moroccans living abroad ». The women's rights are a priority said M.Boussouf who added during the meeting : » we are thinking about adapting the Family law to the laws of the host countries ».

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"According to the Article 139 of the Constitution (2011), mechanisms for dialogue and consultation are set up by the Regional Councils and Councils of other local and regional authorities to promote the involvement of the citizens. This of course recquires the involvement of the Moroccans living abroad in these institutions, "added Mr Boussouf, who wished to see the Moroccans living abroad represented in the next and reniewed Chamber.

The second edition of the symposium "Moroccans of the world and advanced regionalization", will take place on July 2017 in Rabat.


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