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Day 8: Program of the 18 February 2018

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Tribute to the actors of reading circles around  "Moroccans: Migrants and Travelers"

Being an Imam in a multi-religious and multicultural society

Mr. Abdellah Boussouf (Morocco), Mr. Ahmed El Khamlichi (Morocco), Mr.Mr.Mohammed El Mahdi Krabch (France), Saliou Faye (France), Mr Khalid Chaouki (Italy)

Mr. Abdellah Boussouf

Historian Abdellah Boussouf has a doctoral thesis on relations in the Mediterranean basin in the 13th century in 1991. President in 1993 of the Strasbourg Mosque Association. He is responsible for the construction of the Great Mosque of Strasbourg, the first place conceived from the beginning for the Muslim worship in this city. Expert of the European Commission of the Program "a soul for Europe" between 1997 and 2003. He chaired the formation commission of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) and was elected vice-president of the Council in 2005. In 2006, he joined the Institute of Islamic Studies in Brussels where he founded the Euro-Islamic Center for Culture and Dialogue, which he directs in Charleroi, Belgium. Abdellah Boussouf was appointed Secretary General of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad in 2007. Position he holds until today. In 2017, he published the book "Islam and the universal common: tolerance, identity coexistence and religious cohabitation" in Arabic and French; the autobiographical book "Room No. 305: the pains of the second birth" in both Arabic and French languages ​​and "Insights of the history of the Emirate of Nokour" published in Arabic.


Mr. Ahmed El Khamlichi

Moroccan thinker. He obtained a post-graduate diploma in private law in 1962 and a doctorate in the same discipline in 1974 at the Faculty of Law in Rabat. Judge at the Appeal Court between 1960 and 1970 and professor at the Faculty of Law in Rabat between 1971 and 2000, he is currently director of the establishment Dar Al Hadith Al Hassania. To his credit several works among which "Explanation of the public criminal law", "Explanation of the private penal law", "Treaty of penal procedure", "Commentary of the personal status code", "Parental responsibility of the minor children", "Study Preliminary Draft of the Unified Arab Bill on the Accompaniment of Minors "," Legislation of the Judiciary in the Arab Countries ", the Point of View Series on the Critique of the Thought of Islamic Jurisprudence and the Means for its Renewal (published in 8 volumes). He also has research and articles presented in several conferences and seminars in Morocco and abroad.


Mr. Mohammed El Mahdi Krabch

Born in 1978 in Rabat. Graduated in criminal sciences and law and religions at the University of Montpellier and in positive law / Muslim law at the University of Perpignan (diploma of higher studies). He also obtained a master's degree in comparative public law from French-speaking countries on the theme "Self-determination for the resolution of the Moroccan Sahara conflict in the light of the Spanish and French experience" at the University of Perpignan. Mohammed El Mahdi Krabch has worked as an Imam in several mosques in France, and has also participated in several meetings on issues of interculturality and interreligious dialogue. Member responsible for case law at the Regional Council of Muslim Worship (PACA Region), Mohammed El Mahdi Krabch participated in the International Academy of Muslim Sciences in Aix en Provence in 2017 organized in partnership with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Higher Education in France.


Mr. Saliou Salih Faye

Saliou Salih Faye was born in 1956 in Senegal. He is currently Imam, preacher and educator. He is responsible for the citizenship education project at the Eveil Meinau Mosque in Strasbourg. He obtained a Master of Islamic Jurisprudence (Shari'a) from the Islamic University of Medina in Saudi Arabia in 1987, a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in Language, Literature and Foreign Civilization (LLCE) from the University of Strasbourg in 1991, a State diploma of a technician of popular education and youth (BEATEP) in 2004 and a University Diploma (DU) in society and plurality of religions of the Faculty of Law of Strasbourg in 2015. was a recipient of the Knight of National Order of Merit in France in 2016.

Mr. Khalid Chaouki

Born in Casablanca in Morocco. He emigrated with his family when he was eight years old in Italy. He created in the region of Emilia-Romagna, the first youth association "Association of Ombudsman", whose main objective was to activate positive communication between the first generation of the Muslim community, Moroccans in particular, and the different segments of Italian society. Founding member and president of the Association of Young Muslims of Italy, he was the youngest member of the first advisory council for Muslims of the Ministry of the I


Moroccan migration in Europe: mutual benefit and readings

Vincent Geisser (France), Khalid Hajji (Belgium), Mustapha El Mourabit (Morocco)

Mr. Vincent Geisser

Sociologist and political scientist. Researcher at the French Institute of the Near East (IFPO) of Beirut. Since 2005 he has also chaired the Center for Information and Studies on International Migration (CIEMI) in Paris. He is editor of the journal Migrations Société and member of the editorial board of L'Année du Maghreb. Among his many books La Nouvelle Islamophobie, Editions La Découverte, 2003; Marianne and Allah; French politics facing the "Muslim question", with Aziz Zemouri, editions La Découverte, 2008. The authoritarian syndrome; Politics in Tunisia from Bourguiba to Ben Ali, with Michel Camai, Presses de Sciences Po, 2003; Arab rebirths: Seven questions about revolutions in progress, with Michaël Béchir-Ayari, Editions de l'Atelier, 2011 and Dictateurs en susis. The revenge of the Arab peoples; with Moncef Marzouki, editions of Atelier, 2009 and reprint in 2012).

Mr. Khalid Hajji

Doctorate from Paris-Sorbonne, professor-researcher at the Department of Anglo-American Studies and founding member of the Science and Culture Research Group at Mohammed 1er University, Oujda. He is a founding member of the Circle of Wisdom for Thinkers and Researchers, and the Maghareb Center (Rabat). He is Secretary General of the European Council of Moroccan Ulema (CEOM) in Brussels. Among his publications Lawrence of Arabia or Arabia Lawrence, Harmattan; Modernity and Arab-Muslim creativity, Arab Cultural Center and Abderrahmane and the Sea, a novel edited at the Arab Cultural Center.


Mr. Mustapha el Mourabit

Researcher teacher. Mustapha El Mourabit taught at the Faculty of Medicine of Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg and at the Mohamed Premier University of Oujda in Morocco. Former director of Aljazeera center for studies in Doha, Qatar. He directed and hosted the program Oumsya maghribiya, broadcast on "Aljazeera mubasher". He is a founding member of the Circle of Wisdom for thinkers and researchers in Rabat, he is also a member of several advisory committees of studies and research or journals, both abroad and in Morocco. He is currently a member of the CCME. He is president of the Maghreb Center for Studies.

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