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The Council’s publication on “the legal status of the Morccans living abroad"

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

The last meeting of the day  “the legal status of Moroccans living abroad ". The round table gathered  Mr Mohamed Benyahya, Mr Ahmed Bouachik, professors at Mohammed V University in Rabat Ms Imane El Malki, magistrate at the Court of appeal and cassation. The meeting was moderated  moderated by Mohamed El Firdaoussi, a member of the CCME and a lawyer in France.  His Excellency Mr. Marc Trenteseau, Ambassador of Belgium to Morocco took part to the round table.

During his intervenion, Mr Ahmed Bouachik outlined the major points of the publication sponsored by the CCME and conducted y the professor Mohamed Benyahya 

"The 3200 pages book on the legal status of Moroccans living abroad is composed of   6 volumes: The first one deals with the national law and international law (600 pages), the second volume gathers the conventions and bilateral agreements in the support and protection of the investments (496 pages), the third volume combines  the conventions and bilateral agreements against the double taxation and the tax evasion (516 and 532 pages), the  4th volume brings together the bilateral agreements and conventions on judicial cooperation (640 pages), the 5th one is on bilateral conventions and agreements on employment, social security and diversified fields (462 pages), "he said.

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