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Plural identity and civil engagement

Friday, 15 February 2019

A round table on "Plural identity and civil engagement" took place Friday 15 ferbruary at the CCME stand. Parcticipated to this meeting : Mr Ahmed El Khannouss (Belgium), Ms Nessrin Mr El Hachlaf Bensaid (Spain) and MsFatima Orsatelli (France). It was moderated by Mr Zouhir Louassini (journalist).

The meeting brought up the issue of the "added value" of dual membership in political engagement abroad and the concern of preserving cultural diversity  to counter political and religious extremism.

For Mr Ahmed El Khannouss , Belgian-Moroccan MP,  the Moroccan community is today part  of the Belgian society. "I live in a country of Jewish-Christian tradition that was also built thanks to the Moroccan workers".

About the contribution of Moroccans in Belgium, Mr Ahmed El Khannouss says : « talking about integration of the moroccan community and it’s 5th generation is a nonsense ».

Ms Fatima Orsatelli, a french-moroccan lawyer and politician, says for her part : « being successful was a responsibility and a duty because of our parents sacrifices for us ». 

Ms Orsatelli, added that : » culture and education are essential to comprehend a community". 

Ms Nessrin Hachlaf Bensaid, Moroccan lawyer and journalist says : "not to be concerned by integration  because she defines herself as a Spanish citizen". Adding: « the cultural diversity is a fine interpretation of the different interactions in the composing of a society that will abolish the concept of integration or assimilation ".



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