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Montreal : The CCME at the Maghreb Film Festival of Quebec

Monday, 25 March 2019

The Council of the Mocroccan community living abroad (CCME) participates to the  Moroccan programming of the second edition of the Maghreb Film Festival of Quebec.

Two movies starded the festival : a first short film « Road to heaven » directed by the Moroccan-Canadian Abdellah Omary and the comedie-drama « In wonderland » of the moroccan filmmaker, Ms Jihane El Bahhar.

Through the support of various cultural events of the Moroccans living abroad, the CCME intends to strenghten the links of the Morccans living abroad with  their country of origin and promote « the living together ». 

The second edition of the Maghreb Fim Festival of Quebec is taking place from March 2 until  31 March 2019.


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