Media and the use of new technologies in the brand-building of Morocco abroad

Saturday, 15 February 2020

A round table was held by the CCME, on friday 14 february 2020 on the theme “Media and the use of new technologies in the brand-building of Morocco abroad». The round table gathered Mrs Nesrine Slaoui, journalist in France, Mr Zakaria Jaiathe, software engineer in Germany and Khalid Taha, technical and media expert. The round-table was moderated by Mr Najib Benchrif, member of the CCME.

Najib Benchrif

Mr Najib Benchrif introduced the meeting arguing that the impact of « citizen journalist on social networks was way more powerful on the public opinion than the traditional media”

Khalid Taha

Mr Khalid Taha, the palestinian expert living in England said "articificial intelligence is a historic opportunity to build a positive image of Morocco"
What he thinks, is that Morocco is affected by stereotypes in several countries, among them, the arab countries. The expert distinguishes between two discourses : the one established by the traditional media and the other by the social networks which give the image they want.

Nesrine Slaoui

Mrs Nesrine Slaoui says: the new generation of migrants works on the stereotypes and cliches about Morocco, and though discouraged by the impact of the terrorist attacks because they are regarded as guilty.
To counter these negative images and stereotypes, she invites the youth to embrace social networks and tell their real stories

Zakaria Jaiathe

Mr Zakaria Jaiathe affirmed the image of Morocco depends on the contexts: in Germany, Morocco’s image is more positive than in France -where he studied-. Because in Germany, Morocco has been seen as an exotic and touristic country for a long time. The image has deteriorated after the Köln events, where young german women were mistreated by moroccan youngsters.
He said, the issue is if we want to withstand stereotypes, we have to understand that it is not a question of truth but extent.


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