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The CCME launches a training project for advocacy on the Moroccan Sahara

Saturday, 28 November 2020

Rabat - The Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) will launch, Monday 30 November 2020, a training project designed to qualify Moroccans living abroad on the advocacy of the Moroccan Sahara.

 Motivated by the need to strengthen efforts, establish expertise and develop scientific, human and material resources, this project is destined to Moroccan students, academics, NGOs and social network actors, to enhance their advocacy skills, the Council says in a release. Adding, the training programs have been set in Arabic, French, Spanish and English and announces that a scientific team is working on other languages.

Within the framework of this training program, developed in partnership with several Moroccan universities, a cooperation and partnership agreement will be concluded between the Council and the Faculty of Law, Economic and Social Sciences of Rabat-Agdal, according to the CCME.

The agreement aims to enhance scientific research efforts related to the issues of Moroccans living abroad, by giving them access to scientific and training tools and at the same time providing students and academics of the Faculty to benefit from the experience and resources of the Council and develop research and teaching on issues of the Moroccan community living abroad. It also seeks, the statement says, to offer fields of study related to the Moroccans living abroad, focusing on Master's and Doctorate cycles in the legal; economic and social fields; develop and connect the scientific ties between the CCME several international universities in Europe, America and the Arab world.

Equally, the students of the Rabat-Agdal Faculty will benefit from these agreements and Moroccan scholars from different universities in the world will for their part have scholarships and scientific contacts with students of the Rabat-Agdal Faculty of Law.

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