Schedule : Monday 06 June

Monday, 06 June 2022

10.00-12.30 CCME Matinées

10.00 -11.30: Palavers under the Argan tree: A migrant, a book, a journey

11.30 - 12.30 : Palabres around Eyachew Tefera, actor and character of the book "Désir de raconter l'histoire fabuleuse du migrant voyageur »

Speaker: Eyachew Tefera (Ethiopia/Slovenia) Moderator: Youssef Haji (Morocco)

15.00-16.15 Round tables

"German-Moroccan trajectories

Speakers: Ms Soraya Moket (Germany), Mr. Rahim Hajji (Germany), Mr. Abdellatif Yousfi (Germany)

Moderator: Mr. Mohamed Mesaad (Germany)

16.30-17.30 An author and her books

Writer: Touria Aarab Leblondel Moderator: Mr. Bahaa Trabelsi (Morocco)

17.45-19.15 Round tables

"Migration and social sciences

Speakers: Mr. Abdelkarim Marzouk (Morocco), Mr. Ahmed Cherak (Morocco), Mr. Lahbib Amamri (Morocco), Mr. Jamal Boutayab (Morocco)

Moderator: Mr. Abderrahim El Atri (M

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