Monday, 17 June 2024 10:18

Yes, they are human beings ...

The immigration from Muslim countries in Europe is at the heart of debates often nauseating in the continent that gave birth, not so long ago, to Nazism and Fascism.

The hatred of Islam is since the beginning of the XXI century a phenomenon that is ever growing.

"Taliban," "Al Qaeda" and more recently "Daech"; criminal and terrorist movements born of the madness of greatness ...of great powers in this particular region of the world, have woken up the beast in the heart of a Europe where Muslim immigration has become a "prey" to kill.

European citizens whose only "wrong" is to be Muslims are stigmatized as soon as an attack is committed by individuals claiming Islam. A frightening confusion for those millions established in many European countries for over half a century.

There was a time when this immigration was accused of trying to import the Middle East problems into Europe because of its support for Palestine. Today it is accused of being the enemy of stability of European states. Nothing but that!

But how did we get here? Is it the continuing economic crisis of 2008? Not so sure. The economy does not explain everything. The issue is not financial but of the scope of this racist and anti-Semitic insane blindness that caused the Second World War at the heart of the Old Continent.

To racism and anti-Semitism, came to be added Islamophobia. Every Muslim is a potential danger: he has become in the collective unconscious at least one of the planes of the World Trade Center, the Taliban who banned girls from going to school and one who severs heads in Syria, Iraq and the Sahel.

The continent that gave birth to Sigmund Freud is struggling to make sense of things. A simple scarf (being for or against), creates fear and mistrust. A simple "Allah is great" and the powerful Europe gives the impression that the Leaning Tower is collapsing, that Joan of Arc was burned by Muslims and that the Führer was indeed "a failed Muslim artist" ... !

In the absence of thought, of reason, fear takes over. And play with the fear of the other is heresy to stay in the "religious" jargon. Radicalism, extremism is a universal evil. All terrorist groups kill in the name of causes conflicting with reason.

Immigrants, children of immigrants and grandchildren of immigrants ... Muslims, wherever they are in the world are not terrorists, but people seeking a better life and for others -a growing majority- just another life.

Muslim immigration to Europe was first labor immigration. People were made to sign contracts to rebuild Europe after the war. Their children and grandchildren are European citizens who live their daily life like the rest of their fellow citizens. If a number of young Muslims, converted or not, make nauseating choices, in alliance with movements whose engine is hatred of humanity, this concerns in no case Muslim immigration. Neither its places of worship regularly targeted. Acculturation / cultural loss is a global phenomenon.

The extreme European right movements all having in common the rejection of immigration in general and Muslim in particular, are experiencing an alarming comeback because of political parties democratically elected who surf on fear and ignorance. The history of all the great tragedies experienced by humanity testifies to this.

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