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Wolves entered Paris*

Friday 13th November 2015 was doom and gloom for Humanity; Paris, the city of Lights was hit by bloody attacks. Several sites of the French capital were targeted by assassins with arms of war against unarmed… civilians. Words are short of describing this opprobrium which casted a shadow over a country still convalescing after the attacks of January 2015 against the Charlie Hebdo team.

Previously, elsewhere in New York, Casablanca, Madrid, London, Tunis, Beyrouth… and a sizable litany, since a long time our world has become mined, paralyzed and, not least, threatened by ideologies of hatred and militias of terror. These cannot take advantage of any cause, faith nor project. They are, pure and simple, devilish instruments of the death drive.

Terrorism has to be condemned, always, without any explanation, justification, nor approval whatsoever. In its essence, terrorism is an incarnate of ultimate evil, namely the assassination of Thought, Art, Beauty, Difference, Freedom, Democracy, Hope, and in a nutshell, of Life.

The commandoes who attempted to extinguish the lights of Paris by killing and wounding hundreds of innocent civilians, attacked all humanity. The terrorist movement, where they belong and wherever it happens to be, continues to sow hatred, despair and disunity.

Hundreds of young women and men, lobotomized by the speeches of terrorists in the new media, end up at the flower of their age as death soldiers in the four corners of the world.

This is one of the apparent faces of Evil, which has to be well named and defined: the assassins represent no one but themselves and their sponsors. Indeed, it must be said and repeated, no due respect to racists who fuel their opprobrium from the cup of death folly: no amalgamation.

Muslims worldwide suffer and pay, as all citizens of the world, the price for terrorism in their flesh, security and the reputation of their peaceful and humanistic faith. They all stand up and say: no for this and not in our name. They lament the pain and this double travesty. May the world hear them.

Terrorist movements kill blindly; it is this criminal blindness against which Nations and societies must fight as one Man. In the name of Humanity.

The Newsroom

*The title is inspired from Serge Reggiani’s Resistance song "Les loups sont entrĂ©s dans Paris" .

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