Sunday, 04 June 2023 04:51


Europeans of Moroccan origin currently occupy all functions in the Old Continent, but also in the "New World". They are politicians, scientists, intellectuals, journalists, writers, musicians, artists, trade unionists ... These women and men are the best shield against racism: all these people are perfectly integrated into their host societies. And if some of them claim to belong to their host countries without denying their origin, this should be an asset for humanity as a whole,
Because, yes,  when the difference is perceived as a mutual enrichment it is humanity that advance. It is the melting pot that allowed the United States to become a great power; the tragic wars of the twentieth century are the"horror that gave birth to the League of Nations and later the United Nations. And it seems important to remind the Spanish War, that of 1936, which was terrifying by the number of deaths, but culturally quite unique in modern history. Intellectuals, but especially huge writers, novelists mostly committed alongside Spanish democrats against Franco's fascism.
It is also never useful to recall a turning point in the history of Morocco. When the King Mohammed V in a Morocco under French protectorate, alone, fought Nazi ideology, rejecting the Vichy regime's policy installed in France, country of Equality and Fraternity , by protecting the Moroccan citizens of Jewish faith. And rejecting all forms of discrimination against them.
History has this essential that it does not disappear. It is written. not only engraved in the memories, but in the history books. It is infallible. And it is not mathematical proof, but human knowledge, mastery of our roots that helps us to live our identities which are always multiple. The purity of the race gave "birth" to the gas chambers, pogroms and abominable dehumanization during the last half century.
If today people born of parents or great parents who came to this or that continent manage to BE, to EXIST as citizens in societies which have become theirs, this is proof that racism is a "concept" that refutes humanity as a whole.
The "recent" immigrants in European countries, but also in many other economically developed countries are completely integrated, without denying their origins, without denying their full citizenship  in  what is called the "western world".

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