Sunday, 04 June 2023 04:46

Brussels scarred by terror

Sadness and desolation in Brussels on this 22th March 2016, cowardly hit by terror: explosion of a subway and a double one in Zaventem airport. A city under "the sound of sirens" as headlined the Belgian newspaper "Le Soir". Dozens of innocent people on their way to work, school in this town which the great Jacques Brel made dancing, were killed, injured randomly. It was brutal. And naturally final. Those who escaped from the ignominy remained locked in their workplaces during the day. The doors of schools were closed so that future generations could not see the bloody cobblestones of this peaceful country.

Miles from the crowded Maelbeek subway station, came the turn of Zaventem, the airport of the capital where the travelers were waiting for their flight witnessed this open wound of terrorism. Dozens of dead innocents again after two brainwashed men by the radicalism exploded themselves in the middle of the civilians who were there on this dark and sad day for Belgium.

He who kills a man kills all humanity ... The whole world witnessed its solidarity with Belgium. Because what happened in Belgium, and months ago in France, can happen anywhere.

Innocents killed in the name of human folly and madness. In the name of this vile beast of terrorism.


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