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Léo Ferré sang beautifully that "as time goes, everything goes." But the Fransch anarchist singer was thinking of love an probably not about  probably about policy and the practical integration of the immigrants of the the poorer countries of the world who prove every day that the term integration is "updated. 

Racists, like Robert Ménard, the former president of Reporters Without Borders became mayor of the extreme right Beziers,is so horrified that he 's talking about   the "Great Replacement" - term used by the nazis, about the jewish population in Europe-   about individuals elected and fully integrated in their host countries and those of her parents.The interesting thing about this is that there are more women from immigrant origin and sphere in the political field. More ore and more women and politicians from non-European countries , in this case, are Muslim, get access to the highest levels of European states.
They are not presidents, but ministers, local councilors, MPs, mayors of large cities sometimes because like their fellow Europeans have chosen not to fight for integration, because they are already integrated and since the question does not even arise,  but a battle for the society in which they live. Proof of this integration: they are right, left, extreme left and even sometimes close to the extreme right ...
They lead their political struggle based on their political positions and not that of their ancestors.
While many politicians whose parents are of foreign origin, are men, it is interesting to note that women are particularly involved in politics: they occupy ministerial positions (example France), president of the lower house the Dutch parliament (Khadija Arib), they are politically visible in a number of countries of the Old continent.And the example of Aisha Less is interesting, she is the first woman of Moroccan origin elected in London - 5 May 2016- for the Labour party in Church Street. This when a British Pakistani, namely M.Sadiq Khan, whose country has been  a long time member of the Commonwealth, became the third mayor of London, after the "eccentric" Boris Johnson (in favor for the exit Great Britain Europe (BREIXIT), Britain who battled against his own party for more refugees in Britain, without mentioning Johnson's predecessor named  Ken the Red, the Trotskyite former mayor of one of the most cosmopolitan  capitals in the world.
Integration is hardly in the agenda today. And although there is a rise of racism and the rejection of others in Europe and elsewhere in ultraliberal  global village of McLuhan, human beings are nearly all equal , even if they are seen as foreigners, immigrants when they have to face politics, culture and so the  the Village. 

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