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Africa : The Royal speech and the silent revolution

Africa, our continent has been living during a long time without great leaders like Mohammed V, Nelson Mandela or Jamal Abdel Nasser.

And now here is Africa receiving His Majesty Mohammed VI as a new leader full of promises for the future of African citizens. In defense of the african people in an era where Africa is about to resign, because of the impact of civil wars, climate change, mass exoduses and departures of the continent to the north to escape from thirst, hunger, violence and terrorism. 

A leader who had the confidence of the African citizens even before their own governments. Concerned during his visits in the Continent about the African development, its cities, villages and jungles. This is why the speech of the 41st anniversary of the Green March, delivered from Dakar, capital of Senegal is a historical precedent for the Kings of Morocco as it reflects friendship and brotherhood in Senegal. 

The speech from Dakar should be considered through the historical position of Senegal vis-à-vis of Morocco, the unwavering support for  just causes, including the question of the sovereignty of the Kingdom.  When Morocco left the African Union in 1984, former President Abdou Diouf had even stated that "it is not possible to imagine the organization without Morocco ...".

If the speech of the 40th anniversary last year took place in Laayoune, capital of the moroccan southern provinces, illustrates the foundations of stability, the attachment of the children to their moroccan roots  and political system, it is meant to become a center of economic cooperation connecting Morocco to its African roots.

The discourse of the Green March of 2016, for its part, was delivered from a friendly country, historically and spiritually linked to the Kingdom and considered among the democratic nations of Africa. A country that respects the constitutional institutions and the election results. Which also enjoys an exceptional political and social stability in the region and moreover it is not a country of "coups". His Excellency President Macky Sall considers the speech from Dakar as a historical event, because His Majesty the King wanted to be in Africa to talk to the Africans.

The King’s speech of November 6, 2016, was explicit and unhindered. For this reason, the African aspect can be easily assimilated. This justifies the mention of the African map, which carries several messages: Morocco is part of the Africa ;  the future is Morocco in Africa and the future of Africa in Morocco. It is in this spirit that the Kingdom targets its economic and political bound south, as part of a South-South cooperation. Hence enacting the preamble to the 2011 Moroccan Constitution "to consolidate relations cooperation and solidarity with the peoples and countries of Africa, especially sub-Saharan Africa and Sahel ", which in itself is a quiet revolution that His Majesty conducted through its numerous visits to western and eastern African countries. The speech explained that the relations with these nations, were not sufficient, " not through negligence or omission, but for objective reasons such as language, geographical distance and differences in historical heritage". 

The achievements of this quiet revolution are already a reality :  partnerships with countries like Rwanda and Tanzania.

The vacancy of Morocco from the African Union since 1984 has contributed to undermine the relations of cooperation and solidarity between several African countries, and gave the opportunity to the detractors of the Kingdom’s sovereignty to embitter the relations with African countries. This inclines Morocco to rebound with the African Union and be part of its African family during  the 2016 summit in Kigali,  far away from any tactical plot, because Africa is our family  and Morocco does not need permission for it’s entry. 

The speech of the Green March included an implicit message to all parties: the return of the Kingdom is now only a matter of time. The speech of His Majesty also announced the contents of the conditions of the Kingdom to the people and countries of Africa. Starting with Morocco's commitment to defend the interests of the continent in international events. The Kingdom is also ready to share its experience with African countries in several areas, especially in matter of security and the fight against extremism and terrorism. Maintain the efforts for a better treatment of migration by linking it to development. Even more, Morocco will, during the Conference on climate changes (COP22) held in Marrakech, organize a summit for Africa a  and establish a common vision to fight for the interests of the continent, especially in the matters of financing and technology transfer.

The come-back of Morocco to its natural African home is an opportunity to correct false allegations adopted by those who have been maneuvering against Morocco’s sovereignity, especially within the African Union.

For all this, and considering the importance of this milestone, Morocco needs a serious and responsible government able to adopt comprehensive policies integrating the countries of Africa and honoring Morocco's commitments to its partners, as stated by his Majesty the King.

Morocco has managed to reverse the political and economic equations diversifying its partners while preserving the traditional ones. The country has shown political ability by announcing its return to its natural place within the African family. To reinforce this strategic orientation towards Africa, the next government should create a governmental institution, a Ministry for African Affairs, which could have the appanage to communicate with institutions and coordinate Moroccan and African policies to promote the Moroccan-African cooperation.

Finally, it is essential to note that the Royal visits in Africa and the warmth of the official and popular welcoming of His Majesty the King in every african  country he visits, as a leader of the African continent, able of expressing the aspirations of Africa and its citizens to development and dignity, which is a disgrace of the discourses of conspiracy against Morocco’s sovereignty

By Abdellah Boussouf

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