Sunday, 04 June 2023 04:50


« Racism is not an opinion, it’s an offense». However, there is not a single election campaign in the world’s most prosperous countries where speeches are not openly racist against a portion of their population. Immigration, and more particularly Muslim immigration has become a matter of « political survival ».  

The vast majority of candidates who have a good chance of coming into power in Europe are pointing a finger towards these Muslim migrants whose presence could constitute a real danger to « Western culture ».

The US have already taken a clear position by electing a President who is at war against migrants and more specifically Muslims. 

In 2017, numerous countries in the EU zone have once again liberated racist speech, in spite of having gone through a hideous war fed by fascism and Nazism which caused irreparable damage.  This targets millions of Muslims, often Europeans, who are suddenly considered as the main cause for a wide array of failures: political, economic, social, cultural, educational and security. The lack of an insightful thought process or political reason, causes them to « cry wolf », which is now defined as the Muslim migrant and refugee.

These speeches constitute a flagrant Human Rights infringement in a part of the world where the latter are society fundamentals. This just illustrates the failure of political thinking, which choses the easy way out and deflects its inability to rule upon a minority whose only crime is being Muslim.  Condemned of being “guilty” for all the terror crimes commitment in the name of this religion whilst in fact they are the ones predominantly impacted by these crimes.  

Post-war, Europe has lived through very tough times linked to religiously motivated terrorism Ireland with the IRA or political in Germany with the Baader-Meinhof gang without trampling the core values of Human Rights.

The political demagogy we are witnessing in Europe and the US are the turning-point in political History. With racism, which seems a better term than islamophobia (fear of Islam), against Muslims, part of the western world is pulling the world into a very risky adventure. 


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