Sunday, 04 June 2023 06:14

Mr Abdellah Boussouf's word

The Council of the Moroccan Community Living Abroad (CCME) participates this year in the 24th edition of the International Exhibition of Books and Publishing (SIEL) of Casablanca which is held from 8 to 18 February 2018. The CCME, as at of its previous participations, brings together Moroccan writers living abroad, questions the concerns of Moroccan migration and the challenges facing the Moroccan community abroad through round tables and conferences aimed to give adequate answers.

With the political and social changes experienced by the countries hosting the Moroccan community in the last three years, particularly with the rise of extreme right-wing currents, the activism of extremist religious groups and the rise of racist speeches and acts in general and against Islam in particular, issues of identity, religion and culture are fundamental for the members of the Moroccan community living abroad. More than ever, they require a deep and serious thinking to develop a model able to protect the Moroccans living abroad from the consequences of these changes and help their integration into plural societies.

Through our participation this year at the Casablanca Book Fair, which has become an essential cultural event on an international extent, we have the ambition to debate and analyze the criteria of living together in a plural society with the presence of thinkers, intellectuals academics, political, cultural and associative actors from the host countries of the Moroccan diaspora; to highlight the values ​​of pluralism and openness rooted in the Moroccan identity and the wealth of its branch. In fact, values ​​that can lead to adequate answers to the daily lives of Moroccans around the world in the host countries.

We will also have the opportunity to expose aspects of the history of travel and migration of the Moroccan identity in front of a young audience through a special program that combines educational and cultural activities.

Like it’s previous participations to this cultural event, the Council will share it’s scientific experience on Moroccan migration with national institutions and the public. The CCME’s stand will expose the latest scientific publications on different issues of Moroccan migration. As well as the latest literary works of the writers and poets of the diaspora.

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