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Serbia To Organize A Regional Conference On Illegal Migration

Monday, 29 June 2015

BELGRADE – Serbia intends to organise a regional conference on the problem of illegal migration, Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic announced on Friday.

Serbia cannot work out a plan on its own or single-handedly deal with the issue of the large number of illegal border crossings, Dacic told reporters.

“Europe must provide a collective response” to the inflow of illegal migrants from war-torn countries, “but it does not have a unified approach,” Dacic noted.

Serbia is against the decision of the Hungarian authorities to erect a wire fence along the border with Serbia and it will present that position at the joint session of the two governments on July 1, Dacic said.

“We are not against fighting illegal migration, but we are against erecting walls,” Dacic said.

He said that he has spoken with his Hungarian counterpart Peter Sziijarto, who told him that putting up a barrier is the only way for Hungary to protect itself from migrants and that it has nothing to do with bilateral relations with Serbia, which are very good.

However, the Serbian foreign minister said that Hungary’s move is counterproductive and that it sets the two countries’ relations decades back.

Source: In News

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