Wednesday, 17 July 2024 19:54

Morocco is a safe bet for Moroccans abroad

Money transfers to Morocco by Moroccan expats continue to grow despite the ongoing economic crisis. The ministry in charge of Moroccans living abroad has unveiled interesting figures: this year, the total amount transferred is close to 60 billion dirhams, an increase of 7.6% over the previous year.

The UN Economic Commission for North Africa also unveiled figures that go in the same direction, indicating in particular that in 2013, about 10 million tourists came to Morocco, of which almost 48% are Moroccans living abroad and that overall 97% of them visit Morocco on a regular basis for family and touristic reasons.

Of course, these positive figures are only the confirmation of a reality that we see every day and that can be explained by several factors.

First, the political stability and security in Morocco. It is a country which remains a haven of peace in an Arab-African continent plagued by conflicts; more or less serious. Morocco, a touristic country has infrastructure, a culture of welcome and a legendary hospitality in a beautiful landscape that combines sea, mountains and desert steeped in a rich history.

Under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Morocco has been able to develop its airports and ports (the port of Tangier Med, the expansion of Fez, Rabat-Salé, Oujda, Marrakech airports ..) while opening its skies to competition of low cost carriers (Easyjet, Reynair, Jetairfly, Air Arabia, ...), making prices very cheap and attractive, while the airspace of other countries of the Maghreb are subject to the monopoly of national companies who charge high prices.

And then there is this visceral attachment of Moroccans abroad to Morocco and their families. A great link of solidarity that weaves Moroccan family relationships, between those who leave and those who remain.

However, the sector of investments of Moroccans expats in Morocco remains relatively low. It only covers 7.7% of the amount transferred. This is an area that needs a specific effort in terms of advice, financial support and especially facilitation of administrative procedures. The Moroccan administration remains a difficult jungle to clear, including in some consulates.

That being said, the very positive figures quoted above, reflect the optimism and confidence that the Moroccans of the world have in Morocco, whatever one may say, and despite comments on social networks and a defeatist speech of some activists who seem to be totally disconnected with the spirit and reality of the Moroccans of the world.

Hamid Soussany

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