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The image of Islam in Europe: how to get out of the stereotype

Proceedings of the International Symposium, bands, May 21, 2014

Islam, never ceases to challenge the European media, who have made it not only an object of knowledge and information but mostly a pretext for debate, as heated as biased on identity societal or policy issues,

Just flick the FrontPages and covers devoted to Islam and Muslims to realize that this issue is not only a subject like any other but rather a newsfeed that is relayed repeatedly generating more confusion and amalgam

Certainly the image of Islam as directed by the media and perceived by the public opinion causes discomfort that places the debate within the same society. This is not without consequences for Muslims, mostly immigrants who feel targeted and stigmatized

In this context, it is appropriate to consider the causes of the relentless media and think about the solutions to ease tension and leave the clichés and stereotypes that stick to the image of Islam

This book was published by Editions crossroads

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