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Barcelona holds its 4th training session for Arabic language teachers

Friday, 27 January 2017

The Federation of the Higher Commission of Culture of Muslims in Catalunya organized recently, the 4th training session for Arabic language teachers in Barcelona (Spain). A session organized in partnership with the Institute of Studies and Research for Arabization (IERA), the University Mohammed V of Rabat and the Council of the Moroccan Community Living Abroad (CCME).

The goal of two day meeting (22 and 23 january 2017) was to give the tools to teachers of Arabic language to better their teaching to the children of moroccan origin living in Catalunya.

The training program was based on two fundamental themes : "the strategy for teaching the Arabic language in a globalized world" and "the educational challenges of Arabic-language curricula ".

This training session was conducted by Mr. Mohamed El Ferrane, Director of IERA, Ms. Amina El Yamlahi  (IERA) and Mr. Jaouad Achakouri (CCME).

Mr. Diego Arroyo, 3rd Deputy Mayor of Santa Coloma (Catalunya), Mr Oriol Amorós, delegate of the Catalan Government, Mr. Abdelkrim Latifi, Head of the Federation of the Higher Committee for the Culture of Muslims in Catalunya, assisted to the opening session of this 4th edition for Arabic language teachers. 


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