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Belgium: Immigrants are more discriminated than non-immigrants in Wallonia (study)

Wednesday, 01 February 2017

According to the results of the last « Social Barometer in Wallonia » published recently, immigrants have much more chances to be discriminated than non-immigrants in Wallonia, the French-speaking region in Belgium,

The survey, published by the Walloon Institute of Evaluation, Foresight and Statistics (Iweps) notes « while on average 15pc of non-immigrants reported having been discriminated against during the last twelve months, this proportion culminates at 27%for immigrants ».

The study, realized from March to June 2016 among a  sample of 1,410 persons also observes that 70% of Walloons believe that discrimination on the basis of ethnic origin is "very widespread" or "fairly widespread '' In Wallonia. Just after this observation comes the  discrimination on the basis of religion (considered to be widespread by 69%of the respondents) and physical appearance (59%).

For 60% of Walloons, access to employment is the area that is the most discriminating, far ahead of access to housing (19%).

There are however some ambiguities  while 74% of the respondents consider that discrimination against immigrants is a problem and 62% believe that they must have the same rights as other citizens, the majority approves Discriminatory behavior.

55% either « agree » or « somewhat  agree » with the assertion that, with equal qualifications and skills, employers must primarily hire non-immigrant workers. Equivalently, 54% consider that non-immigrants must be privileged in the allocation of housing and social assistance. 

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