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Quebec attacks : The body of late Azzedine Soufiane back to Morocco

Monday, 06 February 2017

The body of Mr Azzeddine Soufiane, victim of the terrorist attack on the Islamic Cultural Center of Québec (CCIQ), has been carried back to his family in Morocco on Sunday 5 February 2017, after a long flight from Quebec to Casablanca.

"Terrorism has annihiliated us and  we can not understand all the hatred against innocent people who leave behind orphans and widows," said Ms Fatima Soufiane, the elder sister of the victim of the barbaric attack of Quebec that took place on  Sunday 29 january 2017, killing 6 people and injuring eight people during the evening prayers.

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"God created the human being, whether Christian, Muslim or Jewish, and this is the moment, as the late Azzedine Soufiane always said, to react against hatred and for peace and love » she said adding how thankful she was «  for the compassion and kindness presented to us by the Archbishop and the Rabbi of Quebec and the  people of Quebec ».

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The late Azzedine Soufiane, a 57-year old father of 3 children, was known in Quebec as the owner of a  grocery. He had a degree of geology from the University of Laval. His 15 years old son Illias said during the funeral that his father  "never gave up Studies despite the difficulties of life ».

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