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Operation Marhaba 2022: 32 Ships Mobilized on All Shipping Lines - Ministry

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Rabat - In preparation for the launch of the Marhaba 2022 operation, a total of 32 ships have been mobilized on all the shipping lines linking Moroccan ports to Spanish, French and Italian ports, the Ministry of Transport and Logistics announced Saturday 7 may 2022.

These ships will have a total capacity of about 478,000 passengers and 123,000 cars and will ensure 571 weekly trips, the Ministry said in a statement, following a meeting of the Moroccan-Spanish Joint transit Commission that took place on Thursday in Rabat.

The meeting focused on the operational arrangements put in place by the two parties to ensure the fluidity of travel and the best quality of service offered to the Moroccans living abroad.

Twenty-three ships will be assigned to the shipping lines with Spain, which account for 95% of passenger traffic, 14 of which will carry passengers on the Tanger Med-Algeciras line. Two ships will be assigned to transport goods (trucks), the statement said.

These ships can ensure 47 daily trips with a capacity of about 40,000 passengers and 11,000 cars, i.e. a 4% increase compared to 2019, it added.

Ticket booking will also be introduced on all the shipping lines participating in the operation Marhaba 2022, including the routes of "Tangier Med/Algeciras" and "Tangier city/Tarifa", in order to control the number of passengers and take the necessary measures to ensure a smooth traffic flow between the two shores, the Ministry said.


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