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COP22 : Interview with Mr. Abdellah Boussouf

Tuesday, 08 November 2016 13:20

Many questions come to mind regarding the correlation between climate change, migration and the Moroccan community abroad. In light of the waves of migration, what could be the link between COP22 and migratory matters?

M. Boussouf : As the organizer of the COP22, Morocco claims to be at the same level as other countries, which have the capability to host large-scale events and naturally contribute to resolving international issues. The mission of our nation during this COP will mainly be of executive nature as this conference was preceded by the COP21 during which all parties committed to adhere a process designed to protect the environment and to mitigate climate change impacts.

Consequently, the Kingdom’s mission during this summit is to define the execution mechanisms to take up the climate challenge. His Majesty wants to position this event as an African summit. Indeed, Africa is the continent most impacted by global warming and these effects will determine its future.

Her son was killed in 2012 by the jihadist Mohamed Merah in France. Latifa Ibn Ziaten goes to preach the Islam of tolerance in the abandoned suburbs of the French Republic. Interview.

Interview with Fouad Ahidar, Senior Vice President of the Brussels Parliament.

In an interview with Hespress, The general consul of Morocco in New York, Mohamed Ben Abdeljalil, talked about the efforts of the embassy to serve Moroccan immigrants in forty eight American states, along with the cities entrusted to the Consulate of Washington.

In five years of existence, the CCME focused its research work on six specific groups, published more than 70 scientific productions closely related to the Moroccan emigration and its evolution since the 60s '. Mr Abdallah Boussouf, the General Secretary of the Council of Moroccans living abroad believes that the assessment of these “five years is positive "; because the council managed, since its inception, to put the finger on where the other European migratory policies have failed.

 Mina El Elkarzabi, president of the Association of Moroccan Women in Ivory Coast, spoke about the challenges facing Morocco in Africa. She most particularly pinpointed specialized networks in prostitution that recruit young Moroccan women.

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