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Morocco expresses its congratulations to the sisterly republic of Tunisia

Thursday, 30 October 2014

A statement from the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the "Kingdom of Morocco welcomes the smooth and peaceful climate that characterized the legislative elections, held, on Sunday, October 26th, in the Republic of Tunisia."

"Morocco expresses its congratulations to the sisterly Republic of Tunisia, government and people, for the success of the electoral process, which represents an additional promising phase in the democratic transition process, reaffirming the rule of law, which is a matter of consensus between the different political forces and the civil society, in Tunisia," Morocco's statement further noted.

"While commending this significant phase in the history of modern Tunisia, likely to strengthen the democratic process and inaugurate a new era, the Kingdom of Morocco reiterates its full support to this brotherly country, in order to achieve its aspiration for prosperity, development and peace, to continue its development process and to lay the foundations of its institutions, in the path of its exemplary and distinguished democratic transition," the statement closed.

The Moroccan Times

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