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Former member of UK right-wing group apologises to Muslims

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

After denouncing the far-right group to which he says he once belonged, UK Twitter user Matthew Lester gained attention on Sunday when he visited a local mosque to apologise to Muslim community members.

Lester later told the Huffington Post that he joined Britain First, which describes itself as "a patriotic political party and street defence organisation", six months ago to protest radical preachers. He eventually split with the group after deciding that their actions were "publicity stunts". "They're not just going after extremists," he added, "they're going after Muslims".

Britain First members made headlines in July when they entered the Crayford Mosque in South London and demanded the removal of signs designating separate entrances for men and women.

Lester visited the mosque to apologise for his involvement with the group and tweeted: "I'm ex Britain First ... and let my beliefs be manipulated to further a opposite agenda. The making up starts now".


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