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#illridewithyou: hashtag offers solidarity with Sydney's Muslims after cafe siege

Monday, 15 December 2014

After concerns that people wearing Islamic dress could be harassed, Sydney locals have been using Twitter to offer to travel with them.

With hostages still in danger and central Sydney in lockdown, residents have turned to social media to spread a message of tolerance.

Locals have became concerned about the potential for rising intolerance or aggression towards people wearing religious dress.

One woman started what soon blossomed into a social media campaign to stand in solidarity with the city’s Muslims.

Tessa Kum, a TV content editor and writer living in Sydney, told Guardian Australia she acted after seeing a tweet from Michael James on the issue

She then posted offering her company to anyone in religious attire on her route.

Fellow Twitter users swiftly joined in, offering their support.

Others picked a broader context to reinforce the statement.

And, much like the #putoutyourbats tribute to Phillip Hughes, the idea has caught on.


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