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Hong Kong: Forty-three immigration offenders arrested

Thursday, 08 January 2015

The Immigration Department and the Hong Kong Police Force yesterday (January 7) jointly mounted an anti-illegal employment operation codenamed Windsand in Sheung Shui District.

During the operation, 43 Mainland visitors comprising 13 men and 30 women aged from 17 to 69 were arrested for breaching their conditions of stay by being involved in suspected parallel goods trading at San Wan Road, San Fung Avenue and Ka Fu Close. The goods included milk powder, wine, food, daily necessities, clothes, vehicle parts, mobile phones and electronic products.

Since September 2012, a number of Windsand operations have been conducted, during which a total of

1 795 Mainlanders and 14 Hong Kong residents were arrested for suspected involvement in parallel goods trading. Of these, 212 Mainlanders were prosecuted for breach of conditions of stay, while the remaining 1 583 people were repatriated. Among those prosecuted, 202 were sentenced to imprisonment for four weeks to three months, while charges were withdrawn for the other 10 people.

Visitors are not allowed to take up employment in Hong Kong, whether paid or unpaid, without the permission of the Director of Immigration. Offenders are liable to prosecution and upon conviction face a maximum fine of $50,000 and up to two years imprisonment. Aiders and abettors are also liable to prosecution and penalties. The Immigration Department will continue to take enforcement action with related law enforcement departments against the offences concerned, an Immigration Department spokesman said.


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