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Canada Expands Immigration in 2015 - Canadian Visa Expert Reports

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

2015 is going to be a year with a very high demand for immigration to Canada due to a large number of attractive migration programs that exist in Canada, and especially because of the new Express Entry application management system that the government of Canada designed and inaugurated earlier this year in order to help more foreigners with skills get to Canada much faster.

The program that will lead the immigration to Canada in 2015 will be the Federal Skilled Worker's Program through the administration of the new Express Entry application management system, but, it will not be the only government program that will enable foreigners with different skill sets or backgrounds to migrate successfully to Canada in 2015.

Additional immigration programs in Canada, like regional enrollments by Provinces such as Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Alberta, etc. will also enable and facilitate new immigration by the thousands.

For those who want to immigrate, today Canada offers a variety of opportunities that are equally suitable for academics and professions with high-tech or low-tech skills, such as welders, carpenters, fishermen, automotive mechanics, engineers, managers, among other skills which the government of Canada has published.

Canadian Visa Expert specializes in immigration opportunities to Canada and provides comprehensive immigration services to customers from all over the world on a variety of Canada's viable 2015 immigration programs.  After a professional assessment, Canadian Visa Expert matches its customers with the best immigration track they may qualify for based upon details they entered, including education, age, language skills and other relevant criteria and leading indicators.

Canadian Visa Expert guides its customers, with the help of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, throughout the immigration process, from the assessment phase to registering a perfect application and all the way to the obtainment of a Permanent Residence visa to Canada.

In direct response to Canada's growing immigration opportunities in 2015, Canadian Visa Expert has expanded its immigration services and activities in order to help more people and families realize their immigration goals to Canada.

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