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Boston Councillor to raise issues with UK immigration minister

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Immigration issues will be on the agenda at two key meetings in London tomorrow, with a Boston councillor hoping to use the opportunity to get some answers.

Coun Paul Kenny will have chance to quiz immigration minister James Brokenshire tomorrow at a Local Government Association meeting. The Boston borough councillor is due to chair the discussion.

Coun Kenny heads the strategic migration partnership and is also set to contest the Boston and Skegness seat for the Labour Party in May.

Straight after the first meeting he will head over to the House of Commons to see shadow Home Office minister David Hanson, with immigration again on the agenda.

Speaking about meeting the minister, Coun Kenny told The Standard: “I am going to put him under the spotlight as much as I can tomorrow and then will go to David Hanson and give him some similar questions and get balanced answers.”

Issues on asylum and social cohesion are set to be discussed with Mr Brokenshire - and Coun Kenny also wants to get more detail on the ideas announced by Prime Minister David Cameron in a recent high profile immigration speech in which he suggested a fund could be made available to support places such as Boston.


Boston Standard

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