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Small demo held in Budapest against PM’s immigration remarks

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Around 150 demonstrators gathered in central Budapest on Monday to protest against recent remarks about economic migrants made by Hungary’s prime minister.

One activist, Margit Barna of the Solidarity for Migrants group, spoke up for a Hungary “where immigrants can also feel good, not just Orban’s people”.

Speakers at the demonstration referred to remarks made by Viktor Orban, who said that economic migration was a “bad thing” in the European Union. They condemned Orban’s “anti-foreigner statements” and called on him to apologise.

Philosopher Miklos Tamas Gaspar told the gathering that conquering Magyars and escapees following the 1956 revolution were “immigrants, weren’t they?”

“Aren’t the half a million Hungarians searching for prosperity in western Europe really economic migrants?” he asked.



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