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Farage bangs immigration drum at UKIP’s spring conference

Monday, 02 March 2015

The leader of the UK Independence Party is promising a breakthrough in the May parliamentary elections.

Nigel Farage was greeted more like a rock star than a politician at his party’s annual conference on Friday. He told delegates the party is an unstoppable force.

One of UKIP’s main election pledges is to tighten immigration policy in the UK

“Only by divorcing ourselves from the EU and taking back control of our borders, can we give the British people what overwhelmingly they would want and support,” said Farage, “and we would campaign for this country to have an Australian points-based system to decide who should come and settle in our country”.

UKIP only has two members of parliament in Britain’s House of Commons, but they still represent a worry for the two main UK parties since they could end up holding the balance of power.

However they do have a problem with image. A recent poll found 44 percent of respondents viewed them as racist. One of their councillors was recently expelled from the party after telling the BBC she had a problem with black people.


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