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Greece Debates Solution to Refugee Crisis

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Greece has reached a critical point with regards to the strong wave of refugees and illegal immigrants. The local government has also demanded that Europe should provide the necessary assistance so that the problem can be solved.

Citizens of the Greek islands have been quoted as stating their fear that the immigration wave will cause the failure of upcoming 2015 tourist season, the Bulgarian National Radio reported.

According to local authorities, Greece is not able to take any more immigrants and to provide them with normal living conditions. People living on Greece's islands have demanded that the government undertake urgent and massive measures to limit the access of refugees and illegal immigrants.

Furthermore, opposition in Greece has been accusing the SYRIZA government of not securing sufficiently the country's sea border.

In response, Deputy Minister on Migration Policy Tasia Christodoulopoulou stated that a new plan on the issue is being prepared. It will be outlined at a national and all-European level in order to ensure enough living spaces for the refugees, most probably along the Greek islands in the region of Atiki.

Authorities have reported that 800 refugees have entered the country in just two days, while the number for a period of a month is even more impressive - 6,000 people. Media, on the other hand, have been stating that the real number is much higher and the situation is out of control.

Meanwhile, details of the illegal refugee smuggling scheme have been revealed by Mohamed Hassan, Chairman of the Sudanian International Organization for Migration.

''All illegal immigrants from Sudan have paid USD 3,000 in order to be transferred to Greece,'' he explained. '' People with families, on the other hand, had to pay USD 6,000.'

Source: Novinite

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