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A Moroccan woman was killed in the terrorist attacks that struck Brussels Tuesday, 22 March 2016. Four Moroccans were injured, two seriously, according to a provisional toll of Moroccan diplomatic sources in Brussels.

Belgium: Brussels deadly bombings

Tuesday, 22 March 2016 21:04

Brussels awoke this Tuesday, March 22 in horror: Two attacks occurred almost simultaneously in the metro of Maelbeek and the Zaventem airport. the assesment of this terrorist catastrophe is at least 34 dead and 300 wounded some of whom are in critical condition.

"Following the shooting incident on Sunday in the seaside resort of Grand Bassam in Cote d'Ivoire, HM King Mohammed VI held a phone conversation with Alassan Ouattara, President the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, in which the sovereign expressed to the Ivorian President His sincere condolences and deep compassion”, HM the King’s Office said in a statement.

Netherlands: Nazis threaten dozens of mosques

Saturday, 27 February 2016 09:57

A nazi  threatening letter was sent on Thursday, February 25, 2016 to dozens of mosques in the Netherlands. The "authors" of the letter announced that they would soon make a  "visit" to mosques adding : "Islam is an evil religion."

A report by the Belgian inter-federal Centre for Equal Opportunities (UNIA) published on 24 February 2016 says that there has been  a net increase in discrimination and hate speech in 2015:  Nearly 404 cases of " racist incitement against 338 in 2010", notes the report.


The Dutch second House voted on Tuesday 16th february 2016, for the unilateral cancellation of the social security convention signed on february 1972 with Morocco confirming the vote of the Parliament. 

The Dutch social affairs minister Lodewijk Asscher said after the vote, that it does not mean that all doors to new negotiations with Morocco are closed, the limit of the latter date being "fixed" by the Dutch government to July 1, 2016.

The Dutch Minister of Social Affairs, (PvdA- social democrats) added that the Dutch Government  wants to pursue the negotiations with Morocco until the deadline fixed  unilaterally by the Dutch part in the coming months to to find an agreement with Morocco.

December 2015, the Minister in charge of Moroccans living abroad and migration, Mr Anis Birou had claimed to have reached a near-final version of the Moroccan-Dutch agreement on the issue of the social security for rights holders of the Moroccan community in the Netherlands.

The agreement said that the extent of the 40% compensation from the Dutch social security would not affect Moroccan rights, beneficiaries but will be applied to future Moroccan beneficiaries.

But the the NGO coordination against the reduction of family allowances, warned in a statement in response to the Dutch project that '' Any cancellation of the 1972 agreement will  affect the interests of the Moroccan community in the Netherlands ''.


The NGO had "denounced a decision  that defies all UN and EU resolutions on the rights of immigrants and children ''


The Dutch Justice annulled at first instance and on appeal all decisions related to the reduction of these allowances in particular those of widows and children. They were considered "contrary to bilateral agreements on social security and international and European conventions."

Audrey Azoulay, 43, was appointed minister of culture and communication, February 11, 2016, following the cabinet reshuffle in France. Councilor of François Hollande in charge of Culture and Communication, Audrey Azoulay is the daughter of Mr. André Azoulay, HM the King adviser.

The Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Chad signed on Tuesday 9th February 2016, in Rabat, an Islamic cooperation agreement and a memorandum on the training of 200 Chadian imams in Morocco.

Nearly 23,000 new companies were created in the Netherlands in 2014 by foreign entrepreneurs, mostly of dual national Moroccans and Turks, said Friday 5 february 2016, the Dutch central bureau of Statistics (CBS).

President Barack Obama visited,  on Wednesday 3 february 2016, the U.S mosque of Baltimore in a context of growing Islamophobia. It is the first visit to a mosque of the american president, since his endorsment 7 years ago. 

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