Rabat: the CCME hosts a visit of an Italian delegation from the University of Rome III

Monday, 05 February 2024

Mr Abdellah BOUSSOUF, the Secretary General of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME), hosted, on 5th February 2024, a meeting with an Italian delegation from the University of Rome III. The aim being to implement a framework for a Moroccan cultural institute within the Italian university.

 The meeting is being organized as part of the participatory approach developed by the Council, which is positioning itself in the Moroccan institutional field as "a research center and intellectual thinking to improve Moroccan public policies towards Moroccans living abroad", explains Mr. Boussouf. Adding that "These policies should help “the process” of their integration in host countries, which is now irreversible".

In this sense, "the creation of a center for Moroccan research and studies within the University of Rome III will be a tool for this integration, by highlighting our cultural similarities and the compatibility of Moroccan values with European civilization by creating a social climate of coexistence".

For his part, the Rector of the University of Rome III, Prof. Massimiliano Fiorucci, stated that the new generations of Moroccans in Italy have brought changes in the perception of migration, by being "very important elements of intercultural mediation".

According to Mr. Fiorucci, the collaboration with the CCME is an opportunity to get to know Moroccan culture better, and an opportunity to make mobility a central part of exchanges between the two countries. His university, which has won awards for being the first in Italy in terms of international agreements, has 35,000 students and 13 top-ranked departments in their disciplines.

The delegation included the Rector of the University of Rome III, Professor Massimiliano Fiorucci, Dr. Alberto Attanasio, Director General of the University, Professor Giorgio Resta, Pro-rector for Internationalization, Dr. Ruben Rispoli, Director of the International Relations Office, Dr. Chiara Buzzi from the Rector's Secretariat and Professor Giorgio Resta, Director of the International Relations Office. Chiara Buzzi from the Rector's Secretariat, Dr. Fabiana Giustibelli from the General Management Secretariat, and Prof. Mohammed Khalid Brandalise Rhazzali, Deputy Director of the FIDR Interuniversity Research Centre, University of Padua.


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