Sunday, 04 June 2023 05:42

Moroccan Culture beyond borders

The CCME’s presence and participation at the Casablanca International book & Edition Exhibition (SIEL) has become a must. 

During prior editions of this cultural event, the Council’s participation was underlined by an in-depth thought process about the reality of Moroccan immigration in Western society.  We have attempted to break down the essence of the actual challenge arising from living together in a diverse society as well as the opportunities that arise from it. We also opened the debate around the complexity of identity related tensions within host countries and included multiple key stakeholders, including institutions, into the discussions. The output consisted of both answers and actual proposals. The study of Moroccan immigration’s characteristics has allowed to conclude that a successful integration within the various host countries is primarily enabled by a plural Moroccan identity that allows co-existing alongside any culture.  A study of those who carry these values becomes a vehicle to openness and cultural enrichment for the host country which in turn shares its culture and expertise. This exchange process consolidates the consecration of universal values and actively contributes  to the development of both host and native countries. For the CCME, this 25th edition of the SIEL, dedicated to the presence of Moroccan culture beyond borders, rediscovers its components and richness, will be an opportunity to deepen the knowledge of its assets and the challenges it faces. To achieve that we will attempt to provide Moroccans across the globe with tools likely to contribute to the development of the host societies and at the same time allow the Moroccan culture to leverage globalisation for the benefit of future generations. Moroccan designers and artists worldwide have the ability to uphold the Moroccan culture on the international scenery through their creations.The CCME’s agenda merely reflects the richness and diversity of Moroccan creations around the globe. We are pleased to welcome visitors of the SIEL to the CCME booth to exchange, interact and share our immigration related experiences. 

Abdellah Boussouf

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