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Moroccan skills in Belgium rewarded at the Diwan Awards

Wednesday, 22 May 2024

On Saturday 18 May 2024 in Brussels, several Moroccan-Belgian professionals who have distinguished themselves in various areas were honoured at the 11th Diwan Awards, organised in partnership with the Council for the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) to reward the excellence of Moroccan-Belgian professionals.

Alexander De Croo; the Belgian prime minister, the Moroccan ambassador to Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Mohamed Ameur, and a number of leading figures from Moroccan and Belgian politics, culture, associations and the business world.

The winners have distinguished themselves through their actions and contributions in several categories, namely "Law", "Business", "Health", "Management", "Young Talents", "Technology and Engineering", "Education", "Architecture", "Art and Culture", "Sport" and "Associations", in addition to a Diwan of Honour.

In a speech at the ceremony, Mr De Croo pointed out that it coincided with the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the bilateral agreements between Belgium and Morocco on labour immigration, noting that the event provided an opportunity to reflect on the history of the Moroccan community in Belgium, but also to "look towards the future that we have in common in Belgium and in Europe".

He stressed the sacrifices and efforts made by the first generation of the Moroccan community in Belgium and the generations that followed, pointing out that citizens of Moroccan origin have made a major contribution to shaping today's Belgian society and have distinguished themselves in all sectors of the economy, culture, politics and civil society.

"You carry the colors of Belgium and Morocco high", he said to the members of the Moroccan community attending the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ameur pointed out that in 60 years, the Moroccan community in Belgium has "made considerable progress and made a remarkable contribution" to the development and influence of Belgium.

He also praised the "unprecedented development" in political, cultural and economic relations between Morocco and Belgium, adding that this momentum was established at the meeting last April of the High Joint Commission chaired by the heads of government of the two countries, at which the two parties reiterated their shared desire to strengthen bilateral cooperation and to build a strategic partnership looking to the future.

For his part, the co-organizer of the Diwan Awards, Said El Maliji, welcomed the success of this event, which highlights the skills of Moroccan origin who have distinguished themselves in various fields thanks to their work, their values and their positive contribution to society, with the emphasis on young talent. This year's edition, 2024, is distinguished by the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Moroccan immigration to Belgium, an opportunity to salute the efforts of Belgian-Moroccans and the values of coexistence and multiculturalism, he added.

The Diwan Awards ceremony, which took place at the prestigious Autoworld car museum in Brussels, was punctuated by artistic and musical performances.

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