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The Mohammed V Foundation launches the 2024 edition of Operation Marhaba

Wednesday, 05 June 2024

Under the effective presidency of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, The Mohammed V Foundation of Solidarity is launching the 24th Marhaba Operation for welcoming Moroccans living abroad, which is held each year from 5 June to 15 September.

The Foundation activated the comprehensive welcoming system on Wednesday 5 June 2024, simultaneously in Morocco, France, Spain and Italy, states the Foundation in a press release.

Aimed at providing a platform for accompanying and assisting community members during their arrival and departure stages, this system is part of the package of measures implemented by the different parties involved in the operation.

The Foundation's main support for the operation is through its twenty-four (24) Marhaba reception sites, providing social assistance and medical care, according to the press release.

There are 18 Marhaba centres operational in Morocco. These are located at the ports of Tangier Med, Tangier Ville, Al Hoceima and Nador, at the airports of Casablanca Mohammed V, Rabat-Salé, Oujda Angad, Nador Laroui, Agadir Al Massira, Fès Saïss, Marrakech Menara and Tangier Ibn Battouta, at the Mediterranean, Jebha, Tazaghine and Smir M'Diq rest areas, and at the Bab Sebta and Mellilia border crossings.

Overseas, six (6) Marhaba spaces are located at the European ports of Genoa (Italy), Sète and Marseille (France), Motril, Almeria and Algeciras (Spain).

Humanitarian assistance at the Marhaba sites is provided by the Central Coordination Office (BCC), which is based in Rabat and supervised by the Foundation. This office provides assistance on the Marhaba telephone hotline, monitoring the day-to-day activities and ensuring that requests are properly dealt with.

Marhaba call service is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day for the duration of the operation on the following phone numbers: 00 212 537 20 5566 and 00 212 537 20 6666 for calls from abroad, the toll-free number 080 000 23 23 and 08086 907 93 accessible from the Kingdom, the number 00 39 35 1212 94 89 (Genoa) for Italy, 00 33 780 716 093 (Marseille) and 00 33 617 299 161 (Sète) for France, and 00 34 631 669 433 (Motril), 00 34 632 508 290 (Alméria) and 00 34 632 540 700 (Algeciras) for Spain.


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