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Paris: Opening of the 30th Edition of the “Maghreb des livres” in the French capital

Monday, 03 June 2024

On Saturday June 1st, the 30th edition of “Maghreb des livres” opened its doors at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris (France), with the “The Moroccan Letters” as guest of honor. This edition is organised by the "Coup de Soleil" Association in partnership with the City of Paris and the support of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME). The meeting is focused on “Moroccan literature” with numerous Moroccan authors, writers, researchers and artists during the two-day event.

CCME president Mr. Driss El Yazami told the Moroccan Press Agency (MAP): “The Maghreb des livres” is a regularly scheduled event that attracts many visitors to the Paris region. It is important for us to be involved, given the importance that we attach to culture in our activities" adding that “the participation in this event is aimed at giving greater exposure to Moroccan writers and authors in the Diaspora”. He also pointed out that “the Council is seeking to encourage local Moroccans in the Paris Region to discover these authors and their works, in particular new literature”.

“Our support mainly includes taking charge of nearly twenty Moroccan writers coming from Morocco. We are also contributing to the programming by proposing authors for debates" said Mr. El Yazami.

This “grand library” is another opportunity for the Moroccan authors taking part to introduce their new works. ‘Today, I'm here presenting my second novel “Souviens-toi des abeilles”, said Moroccan writer Zineb Mekouar.

‘This is my second appearance, my first being two years ago for my first novel “La poule et son cumin+’, added the young novelist, who was “very proud” to be taking part in this 30th edition of “Maghreb des livres”, which celebrates Moroccan literature.

For his part, Abdellah Baïda added that he was participating in the event with his book “Le Monde d'Edmond” (Edmond's World), a collection of interviews with the Moroccan writer, journalist and intellectual Edmond Amran El Maleh.“

The event also coincides with the publication of my new novel “Sacré personnage”, which he was delighted to introduce to the public".

The authors also took part in a series of debates on a variety of subjects, including “popular cultures”, “culture and science”, “surviving in exile” and “the landing of the African Army (August 1944)”. “Women in literature”, “Maghreb architecture” and “Moroccan female writers” are also among the themes addressed at this cultural event.

In addition to books and authors, this edition of the “Maghreb of Books” features exhibitions of painting and calligraphy.

‘’I'm here to exhibit my work in abstract painting, something I've been doing for a long time,‘’ said the French-Moroccan artist Nora Hattab, who showed her paintings in the space dedicated to this purpose in the Paris City Hall's prestigious lounges.

Nora Hattab said “it is an honour” to be representing Morocco at this exhibition. Adding: “I am also proud to be sharing this space with writers and other artists from the Maghreb”, stressing that her aim is “to make art accessible to everyone, because it is an expression of ourselves”.

Many leading figures from the world of culture, the arts and publishing, as well as diplomats including the Moroccan ambassador to Paris, Samira Sitaïl, visited the pavilions of this cultural fair where they met the writers who came to present and sign their works.

The 30th edition of the Maghreb Book Fair paid tribute to Tunisian writer Abdelwahab Meddeb and Russian-born French author Nicole de Pontcharra.

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